Rafał Bednarczyk - President of the Board

Physician, postgraduate studies in management and marketing, MBA

His professional path have been started in National Medical Chamber at the position of Secretary of Commission of International Affairs and in The Children's Memorial Health Institute as phisician. In 1998 he became associated with pharma industry in his capacity as member of the board of Warsaw Publishing and afterward as Business Development Manager in Medical Marketing Services. During 2002-2004, as President and CEO he directed IBSS BIOMED in Cracow, where he gained expertise in pharma production and implementation of GMP. Then he held up a pharma consulting within IMFARM and later served as Strategic Planning Manager at Adamed. In the years 2007-2012 he was member of the board and managing director of UBM Medica Poland.

Since 2010 he is a President of the Board in BM Medical S.A., which after succesful aquisition of Polfa LTD has been turned in 2012 into Polfa S.A.

Rafał Bednarczyk also serves as the international commissioner of The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP).



As exporters, we operate mainly (but not exclusively) on Asian (Vietnam, Kazakhstan) and both Central and Eastern European (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria and many other) markets. We provide comprehensive support for foreign transactions, as well as a reliable and stable level of sales..